Wellness & Fitness

Our state-of-the-art 7,700sf fitness facility caters to Members' health, well-being and athletic prowess. When the gym calls, Members take advantage of a fully equipped fitness center. Personal training and wellness programs throughout the year include retreats, fitness workshops and nutrition seminars. Regularly scheduled exercise classes including Spin, Core Yoga, Restorative Yoga, T'ai chi, Stretch, Balance/Stretch, Total Body,  and Body Blast are available, in addition to personalized instruction.

Since 2012, Desert Highlands has been recognized as one of America's Healthiest Clubs! This distinction is awarded to a small percentage of Private Clubs who achieve an established Health Score based on industry standards.



Wellness, fitness, health, America's Healthiest Club, Members, Desert Highlands, Scottsdale
Wellness, fitness, health, America's Healthiest Club, Members, Desert Highlands, Arizona

specialty fitness services

Muscle Activation Therapy (MAT): Our muscles move and stabilize the joints at all times. Through stress muscles can literally "turn off". As a result, those muscles lose the signal from our nervous system and the joints are more prone to injury. In order to prevent injury, the body tightens up various muscles. MAT is a form of therapy that finds the muscles that aren't working and turns them back on. The nervous system then senses stability and immediately frees up the tight muscles. This therapy returns the muscles to the optimal range of motion.
Therapeutic Massage: Every "body" has something that needs a little extra attention. This service is the best combination for a relaxing ye therapeutic session. Get relief from pain, increase flexibility, clear blockages, increase blood flow and feel good doing it!
Athletic/Table Thai: Get ready to be "moved". Tailored to the specific muscle groups involved with a certain sport or activity, this style will focus on the range of motion and releasing those areas of tension.
Nutrition Services: You will work directly with our staff nutritionist who will give you a holistic based health program designed specifically for you. Long-term success is our goal; that is why your program will become part of your lifestyle and not just a quick fix to your health issues.​