Highlands ShortCourt Tennis

a new game for everyone!!

Highlands ShortCourt Tennis is played on a regular full sized tennis court with no modifications. This means no defacement of court surfaces with new lines and no changes in net height.

Because Highlands ShortCourt Tennis is played with a strung racquet, a decompressed tennis ball, and only four players at a time per tennis court, no special noise or other nuisance issues are presented. And, with limited exceptions Highlands ShortCourt Tennis utilizes the same rules and scoring as tennis so no new scoring systems need to be mastered.

The skills involved in Highlands ShortCourt Tennis promote the skills needed in full court tennis, particularly in the area between the service lines and the net.  Use of a strung racquet as opposed to a hard paddle affords players true tennis feel and playability when hitting ground strokes and volleys.  Highlands ShortCourt Tennis uses equipment which has been standardized by the USTA for junior play and is inexpensive.  Highlands ShortCourt Tennis can be played on all tennis court surfaces, not just hard courts.

Advantages of Highlands ShortCourt Tennis
Highlands ShortCourt Tennis Rules